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mixed media art and paintings are for sale here. fine art and abstract art paintings for sale by Linda Deater. abstract art by deater is her specialty in fine art paintings. abstract art is her primary love. In addition to abstract art, the abstract artist Linda Deater, does portraits among other contemporary art. Linda Deater has a sale on fine art of all kinds including the sale of abstract art, the sale of portrait art, the sale of commissioned work, the sale of contract art, the sale of abstract art by request, the sale of portrait art by request. Owner/Operator at Rainbow's End Art Supplies as an artist, picture framer, and art supply merchant. Deater opened this business in 1981. My work has always said more about the way I feel which has mostly always been caused by what I've observed outside not only what I have in either realm. Color, movement, textural surfaces, the use of reflective materials, composition and a formal structure, along with any other appropriate materials are combined in a way which I hope depicts a new reality which not only hints at where we have been, but also might cause us to choose a new direction. There is, almost always, a ray of hope somewhere. Art, Abstract, Watercolor, Oil, Oils, Canvas, Mixed, Media, Original, Sales, Retail, Purchase, Rainbow, End, Rainbow's End, Animals, Pets, Portraits, Rainbow's, Rainbow, Live, Oak, Abstract Art, Deater, Linda, Portrait, Designers, Interior, Decorators, Interiors, Designer, Interior Decorator, Live Oak, Mixed Media, Buy, Value, Valuable, Decorate, Experienced, Emerging, International, Sell, Sale, Dynamic, Inspiring, Inspire, Church, Jesus, Acrylic, Paint, Painter, Gallery, Galleries, Florida, FL, Fla, Links, Museums, d'Art, Smithsonian, Louvre, American, America, USA, Unique, Sound, Investment, Gifts, Gift, Photographic, Photography, Enlargements, Copies, Inexpensive, Cheap, Commissioned, Commissions, Fine, Order, Orders, Free, Shipping, Shipping, Included, Quality, Prints, Print, Suwannee, Swannee, Swanee, Bargains, View, Great, Pictures, Deater, Expert, Fast, Decor.